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Thursday, October 21, 2004
Kerry earns well-written endorsement of NC paper
The Pilot, a NC newspaper (linked from because Pilot's website doesn't have archives of editorials) endorsed John Kerry today, in an incedibly well-written editorial.

Conservative is not just the opposite of “liberal.” It is also the opposite of “reckless.” And Bush has behaved more recklessly than any president in living memory by, among other things, rushing America into an unnecessary war on a faulty pretext.
Conservative is also the opposite of “imprudent.” Bush’s administration has imprudently and insultingly thumbed its nose at world opinion at a time when we need real allies, not just token “coalition partners.”
Another antonym of conservative is “fiscally irresponsible.” This president, through irresponsible fiscal policies such as ill-advised tax cuts benefiting mostly the wealthiest citizens, has turned a record surplus into a record deficit.
Only reluctantly do we advocate a change of leadership in a time of crisis. But the United States simply cannot afford four more years of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.
In short, we believe John Kerry and John Edwards would oversee an open, humane administration that would be like a breath of fresh air to a country that desperately needs one.

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