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Monday, November 29, 2004
Welcome back...
... to this

Okay, the article's a couple days old, but Republican House leaders (specifically Hastert) have now decided that only bills supported by a majority of the Republicans will be able to come to a vote in the House, effectively making the presence of any Democrats in the House unnecessary. For example, let's say a bill had the support of all Democrats and 125 Republicans - if voted on it would pass overwhelmingly (probably would be a really great bi-partisan law, as most things that attract large groups from both sides are). But such a law would never come to a floor vote, because of Hastert's new rule.

It's arrogant and corrupt. It circumvents the will of the people that Congress(wo)men are tasked to represent - it says an idea is only valid if it is a Republican one, so to the 49% of the country that supports Democrats... too bad. Might as well go take a nap.

Call or email Hastert and let him know what you think of his new rule.
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