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Thursday, January 20, 2005
On the day of the inauguration, which I have many thoughts about but not enough time to go into (yes, I do work occasionally), I received emails from Schumer and Pelosi asking for donations for the DSCC and DCCC, respectively.

While I think both organizations are important, and both deserve our money (and if any of you donated, I thank you), these emails are starting to frustrate me somewhat. I gave money to a lot of political causes and groups in 2003 and 2004, including Presidential candidates, parties, groups, and candidates for state and local races. Not a lot of money to any of them, but it was a decent amount of money to me. I hoped it would make a difference, and perhaps it did, but not an immediately tangible one given the results of Nov 2. So now these emails annoy me. I know the issues, I know the stakes - I don't have to be reminded of them.

What I wish was that there was a way to give to these organizations and others on an automatic withdrawal system. For example, I'd be perfectly happy to have the DSCC and DCCC take $10 each out of every paycheck of mine. That way I wouldn't see it, or have to go through the hassle of filling out their form every time I wanted to donate. And if a few thousand (or imagine a few million people) did that, those committees would be outrageously well-funded to take on Republicans at all levels.

Are any of you law-savvy and tech-savvy people aware of any way to accomplish this? If so, please add comment below.
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