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Thursday, March 17, 2005
Senate gives Yea to ANWR
The Senate voted 51-49 in favor of the ANWR budget resolution amendment yesterday. The party breakdown was interesting - Republicans Chafee, Coleman, Collins, DeWine, McCain, Smith and Snowe came over to the Dem side, while Democrats Akaka & Inouye (both Hawaii) and Landrieu (LA) went to the GOP side. Whatever you think about ANWR, it's interesting that neither Reid nor Frist was able to hold his caucus together on this vote.

It's not a done deal yet - the budget bill still has to get passed, then it goes to Conference Committee with the House where ANWR could again come up for debate (especially given the closeness of the Senate vote). But it's likely to get to Bush's desk.

BTW, another interesting vote in the Senate yesterday (this page is great) was on a Feingold attempt to reinstate PAYGO rules (meaning any additional spending would have to be accompanied by tax increases; and tax cuts by spending cuts). That came out 50-50, with Sens. Snowe, Collins and Chafee (almost Democrats) and McCain and Voinovich joining the Dems. Man, govt would be so much better if we had 2-3 more Dems in the Senate. We really need to support the races in MD (Kwesi Mfume) and PA (Bob Casey vs. Santorum), among other places.
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