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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
The Huffington Post and Cory Booker
Arianna Huffington's much-discussed group blog debued on Monday, and I must say I really like it. There are hundreds of contributors, including people like Larry David, Jon Corzine, Harry Shearer, John Zogby, Paul Reickhoff, Walter Cronkite, Quincy Jones, Joe Scarborough, Bill Maher, Rob Reiner, etc. etc. I was skeptical of the idea, but it's on my watch list now and in my Links section on the right of this page.

A post of note today is from Cory Booker, Democratic candidate for Mayor of Newark. Cory, a Stanford All-American football player, Rhodes Scholar, Yaw Law grad, fomer Newark councilman, and currently lawyer, tells the remarkable story of how he moved into a project in Newark (where he still lives) and came to understand the necessity for brave local people to invest their energy in their neighborhood. It's a great read.

Cory is a remarkable politician. I first wrote about him back in November. I've also met with one of his campaign directors, an incredibly bright woman and a superb fundraiser. Cory will undoubtedly win the mayoral election in Newark in May 2006. He had a campaign kickoff event on Monday, one year before the election. Booker will make a much better mayor than Sharpe James has been in Newark in the last 20 years. Then from there it's on to bigger and brighter things for Cory.

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