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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
A Social Security Deal
Now that the filibuster situation has proven that there can be bi-partisan cooperation in the Senate, there's rumor that the next thing the moderate group of 14 Senators will tackle is social security.

Like Kos, I'm dead against compromise on social security. The Democrats have already won this. And I'm not just being political. There are MUCH more serious problems facing the country that need the bi-partisan energy and effort - the most pressing is the healthcare/Medicare/Medicaid crisis, which is like the social security problem but 20 years more advanced (in Medicare we're already passed the 2018 social security point where revenues in are less than expenses out).

What Democrats really need to do is shift their focus to solving the healthcare crisis, and ACTUALLY COME UP WITH A PLAN. If the Democrats for once are seen as proactive rather than reactive, not only will the country finally relate to the fact that we're the party with the right priorities, but maybe we'll actually be able to get something real done to solve the problem.
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