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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Creative Idea: An Inequality Tax
Just read about a very innovative idea for something I've never thought of before, but like: a global inequality tax.

Here's the article. [This website, Project Syndicate, is basically a collection of the writings of the world's smartest people. Highly recommend bookmarking or bloglines'ing it].

The basic idea is to combat growing worldwide economic inequality (think corporate CEOs getting richer as poor Africans continue to die of hunger and basic disease) through a simple international redistributive tax.

This is why international action to address both global poverty and global inequality is needed. Global redistribution through taxes that would be levied by an international body may seem far-fetched today, but the logic of development that we are witnessing – particularly the move away from nation-states as the locus of sovereignty – suggests that it may eventually come to pass.

It is indeed far-fetched, and would take a collection of very innovative and daring leaders to accomplish. But isn't it a great idea? Especially like the part about giving the money to NGOs rather than governments.
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