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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Now that Jim Webb pulled out (which surprised me... I think he might have been the guy), I think Obama's running mate will be Joe Biden. Sure, he has lots of warts, but he's sensible. And ultimately, I think Obama wants someone who can help him enact sensible policies, rather than help in the political winds of the campaign. Sebelius, Richardson, Kaine next most likely in my view.

McCain has way more good choices available. Romney, Crist, Jindal, Lieberman, Pawlenty, Portman, Thune, Cantor, Palin, Sanford. All make some sense. I think it will be Thune, Romney, Pawlenty or Palin, in that order.
posted by CB @ 2:39 PM  
  • At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Josh said…

    I wish Richardson inspired even just a little more confidence in me so I could fully embrace him as a VP - he's got outstanding credentials, is a governor of a western state, is Hispanic. You know I've been a fan for a while - his only drawback was that he doesn't come across as prepared in formal settings, and he was not impressive as a presidential candidate. More so as a VP? I hope so, because Biden strikes me as too smarmy and not helpful in the west/midwest/appalachia/south. I was hoping Webb would be the guy; not sure who I'm rooting for now. Schweitzer (Montana governor)? Bayh?

    As for McCain, I would love it if he chose Romney so Obama can just play clips from their debates against each other when McCain just laughed at him. Crist, with his recent engagement, seems just as transparently political. Lieberman would fire up the Democrats in droves.

    Pawlenty's a little scarier to me - governor of a Midwestern swing state; if he's well-spoken (and he more or less held his own vs. Rahm Emanuel on ABC This Week last month), he could be trouble, perhaps. Same thing with Portman.

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