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Thursday, October 21, 2004
GWB's God-inspired crusade scares me
Maureen Dowd writes about how GWB justifies his actions by saying they are what God would want. So basically he's saying that if Al-Qaeda believed their God wants the annihilation of America, and they had to means to accomplish it, then they'd be justified in doing it? Or is his God the only one that counts?

Some quotes from Dowd:
People who live by religious certainties don't have to waste time with recalcitrant facts or moral doubts.

J.F.K. had to fight the anti-papist expectation that his Oval Office would take orders from heaven. For W., it's a selling point.

W.'s willful blindness comes from mistakenly assuming that his desires are God's, as if he knows where God stands on everything from democracy in Iraq to capital-gains tax cuts.
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