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Monday, December 20, 2004
Rumsfeld has got to be on his way out. When Senators from your own party including such notables as John McCain, Majority Leader Trent Lott, and future Presidential candidate Chuck Hagel all criticize and say they've lost faith in you, I think your days are numbered.

To me, the signatures on the letters to dead soldiers' families is a big deal. As one family member said, that signature means that at least for one second the Secretary was forced to think about their son/daughter. Not doing that sacred duty, which even Presidents, including Bush, have taken the time for throughout history, is an indication of the cold-heartedness of Mr. Rumsfeld.
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  • At 5:49 PM, Blogger Dan J said…

    I love the Whitehouse's Card's glowing endorsement of Rumsfeld. He's doing a "spectacular job". I think we all understand the strategy behind this, and expect it, but isn't that a little over the top? I mean, when I make myself a sandwich, it could be a good sandwich or even a great sandwich, full of peanut butter and just the right portion of jelly, and yet I would not say that I had done a spectacular job. And that's not just because I prefer another modifier like fantabulous. And my sandwich probably didn't get anyone killed or wounded because I refused to wait until my bread knife was sharp enough to cut the sandwich.

    I think Bush's explanation that Rummy is just an outwardly gruff character misses the point, and I'm sure the administration knows this. The criticism was that soldiers don't have what they need and, less importantly, that Rummy should have answered questions better. Where is the democratic pundit on tv saying: "Mr. President, if you think the outrage over Rumsfeld's comments is limited to his curt response, then you're disregarding the fact that most Americans are mad that the troops dont have armor AND that we, the American citizens, didn't really know this until a soldier complained about it in a moment that made for good tv."

    Are there so many Card's telling us that everything is "spectacular" that we must wait for cable news channels to find some ratings bonanza clips and soundbites to find out more about the war?

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