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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
It's going to be an interesting month
Iraqi elections supposed to happen on the 30th, a new Congress starts today (which always makes for some interesting stories), the war continues (mayor of Baghdad killed today), and Bush seeks to change social security (see Krugman's column in today's NYT).

Among other interesting developments today is the House Republicans going back on their earlier decision to change existing rules and allow DeLay to stay in his leadership post if he's indicted. He would now have to step down. Apparently DeLay himself pushed the move to reverse course. A great quote came from Rep. Zach Wamp:
It allows the Republicans to focus on the issues, the agenda that is before us, and not to have Tom DeLay be the issue. I feel like we have just taken a shower.

ps. If anyone is interested in reading an in-depth report on challenges of fraud/voter-irregularities in Ohio, and I mean 56 pages in-depth, this link is for you. Written by a DailyKos diarist.
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