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Friday, February 04, 2005
New York same-sex marriage ruling?
Preliminary indications are that the NY state supreme court has ruled, a la Massachusetts, that the state Constitution guarantees the right of same-sex couples to marry. The only news source carrying this that I can find is here, from Atrios. Included on Atrios is this positive comment:

You know what? If this holds up, I predict that just as in Mass., there will be a big political movement to amend the state constitution, and that it will blow over, and people will get used to the idea.

That's what happened here. We have same sex marriage, and hardly anybody is upset by it any more. In fact, after the election, the legislature has more gay marriage supporters than it did before. It's not even an issue.

To me that's exactly what we all should want. For it to be "not even an issue".

Update: I just realized that, FYI, in NY the Supreme Court is the trial-level court. Up higher is the apellate division and then the Court of Appeals (the top state level court). Hopefully they all uphold the ruling.
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