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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Gifford Miller for Mayor
Gifford Miller, Speaker of the New York City Council, is running for Mayor. At 35 years old, Gifford is, somewhat ironically, the most senior elected official in New York. He was elected to City Council at age 26, and elected by fellow councilmembers as Speaker at 31. I think his combination of experience and youthful energy makes him the right person to lead New York City.

I met Gifford a few weeks ago at an event at his home, and I came away incredibly impressed by the dynamic intelligence and grasp of issues he demonstrates. At the same time he is incredibly down to earth and approachable, really seeking to understand what concerns New Yorkers. He has the background and the personality to go very far in the Democratic party in the coming years, and I think it's important we support him in his run for Mayor not only because he is the best choice for NYC now, but because with more experience and exposure he could be a great candidate for state and national office in the future. You can learn more about Gifford by visiting his campaign web site at

Gifford's main priority for NYC is improving schools - by fighting for the proper funding from Albany and Washington, and by focusing the city's tax dollars where they make a real impact in children's lives, rather than to help build a stadium. Among his successes: he recently forced Mayor Bloomberg to abandon his budget proposal that would have cut $1.3bn from the city's education budget. Miller has been endorsed by multiple groups and elected officials, and has raised more money so far than any of his opponents.

If you vote in NYC, join Gifford's web community for campaign updates:
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