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Tuesday, March 08, 2005
The Medicaid Problem
I print out more articles every day than I can read, so often I get a backlog. Right now the oldest thing in my pile is from Dec. 6th. On a not-quite-that-bad note, I today read Newt Gingrich's op/ed from last Wednesday in the WaPo on his ideas for reforming Medicaid (which faces bigger problems than does Social Security).

I can't say Newt and I see eye-to-eye, uh, ever, but I'd heard that he has turned a lot of attention to healthcare lately, and I was curious to read his proposals. On a very broad level, I have to agree with his premise: that the three groups of Medicaid benefits recipients (disabled, poor, and elderly poor) should be treated differently, with different standards and rules governing eligibility and payouts.

Newt's practical steps are vague, and I don't blame him... the task is mammoth. It's going to take years and a lot of rigorous policy debate to figure out the right way to do this (which probably will then not be politically feasible). But we do need to get cracking on fixing this system.
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