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Monday, April 11, 2005
Handicapping the Election for Pope
Since this one provides a quicker return than the 2008 Presidential Election, and has quite a bit (if not nearly the same) impact on the course of world events, I thought I'd take a shot at handicapping the papal election as well. Here are my preliminary odds, to be updated somewhat between now and when the conclave starts a week from today:

Dionigi Cardinal Tettamanzi - 2:1
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger - 5:1
Claudio Cardinal Hummes - 7:1
Angelo Cardinal Scola - 8:1
Godfried Cardinal Daneels - 9:1
Oscar Andres Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga - 9:1
Norberto Cardinal Rivera Carrera - 10:1
Camillo Cardinal Ruini - 11:1
Francis Cardinal Arinze - 12:1
Christoph Cardinal Schoborn - 20:1
Tarciso Cardinal Bertone - 25:1
Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini - 30:1

Would also be fun to try to predict what name the pope will take. I'm going with John XXIV if it's an Italian/German, or Paul VII if it's a non-EU pope.

As an addendum, Nick Kristof of the NYTimes thinks the next pope will allow priests to marry / have children. What a good step that would be. He also notes a few things I didn't know - that St. Peter (the first pope) was married, as were most up until the 11th century, when conservatism kicked in and celibacy rules were adopted.
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