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Thursday, April 07, 2005
Alabamy Early Primary
According to this story, the Alabama House has voted to move up its primary to the first Saturday after New Hampshire, which, as MyDD says, would give the south a more prominent role in the early selection of the candidate from both parties.

It's not done yet - Senate and Gov have to sign - but it's a significant development in the election of the president.

The whole primary system, especially for the Democrats, is bust if you ask me. The two states with the most influence - Iowa and NH - are exceedingly rural and white, not reflecting the majority of Democratic voters, who are urban and minorities. Gov Rendell was supposed to be heading a commission to look into adjusting the Democratic primaries, but I haven't heard any results.

A lot of good plans have been thrown out - including a rotating system that maintains the "retail politics" effect that everyone loves about small states up front, but gives other states and more diverse populations the chance to be among that key early voting group.
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