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Monday, May 16, 2005
Happy Monday
A great powerpoint report from the Brookings Institute called The State of American Cities and First Suburbs. It's a great read (and quick, since it's powerpoint). The basic takeaways are:

- Population growth, combined with aging, immigration, and domestic migration are making for an interesting pattern in American cities... decreasing density (increasing sprawl) in newer, western cities, and majority minority in many U.S. cities
- A very noticeable arrangement of three types of U.S. cities: The Sun Belt - attracting significant migration of whites; The Melting Pot - states such as NY, CA, and IL where races mix; and The Heartland States - where population growth is slow and whites still make up the vast majority.
- Suburbs are now becoming more diverse, following the pattern in cities
- Poverty is increasing in suburbs, and jobs are moving to the suburbs as well
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