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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
This is not how politics should be run
The NY Daily News reports that Mayor Bloomberg has already spent $10m on his re-election campaign, "including $267 on tropical fish, $210 for Mets tickets and $255 on a nifty clock that counts down to Election Day".

As I said before, I think there's something wrong with a candidate spending so much of his own money to get elected ($73m in 2001, a record outside of Presidential elections). It has the feel of subverting the will of the people for personal gain, believing that you know better than the people. And I think Bloomberg is clearly in that territory (hence I support Gifford Miller for Mayor).
posted by CB @ 8:37 AM  
  • At 11:23 AM, Blogger Dan J said…

    You've said this before, but I don't follow the logic. How does spending one's money on a campaign "subvert the will of the people"? Are you equating political donations with votes?

    It seems that your critique starts off with an implicit suggestion that Bloomberg is a boob for spending money on tropical fish and a clock, and that seems accurate, but what has that got to do with knowing better than the people?

    Clearly, purchases like those you have listed would not be in line with the will of the people, unless they were aquatic-loving Mets fans that read time backwards, but isn't stupid spending the perogative of the person paying for their own campaign? Much like other candidates making foolish personal purchases? Should not a candidate be free to spend his personal stash just as we are free to dip into our personal stash and contribute to politicians?

  • At 11:30 AM, Blogger CB said…

    I realize the connection is not clear. My problem is that a candidate's money is not spent on fostering debate about the issues, but rather painting a one-sided picture that favors that particular candidate. Frankly, I believe that in our current political system, money effectively spent on advertising significantly influences votes, and that any decent person can win a race if they spend enough money. Therefore I believe that the candidate that spends tons of money is not fostering a fair playing field whereby the average voter really has a choice.

    Is that any more clear? I fear that it's not.

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