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Friday, June 03, 2005
Friday Prez Odds Update
Here's today's update on the 2008 Presidential Nomination Race.

- Feingold, despite his recent divorce, is staying in the fray. He recently launched the Progressive Patriots Fund. I think his odds are about right.
- Edwards is so full steam ahead it's hard to believe the election is 3 years away. He sent an email yesterday recounting his recent meetings with Tony Blair and future British PM Gordon Brown - for no reason other than to say he knows them. And he apparently invited bloggers to dinner at his house. I think he's trying to establish himself as the Howard Dean -like "outsider" that the netroots favor in 2008. For that, which I think is a smart strategy, and for running a four-year campaign, Edwards moves up slightly from 5:1 to 9:2, but he's still eating Hillary's dust.

- Despite his dad's statement that he should run at some point, Jeb Bush says he won't run in '08. At least he shook his head no. Is that the new not-going-to-go-on-record denial?
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