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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
After Miers, who's the next nominee?
Thinking ahead a little, if Miers is withdrawn, removes her name, or doesn't get through committee, to whom might the Bush administration turn next?

There are two schools of thought. One is that they need to appease the conservative right wing that was so opposed to Miers. To do this they need to choose someone who has a track record - in writings, speeches, etc. - of being opposed to Roe v. Wade, and hopefully of being a strict constitutional constructionist. This list includes Luttig, Alito, Garza, Jones, .

Another thought is that he needs to duplicate the Roberts nomination as much as possible... pick someone very smart. There doesn't seem to be anyone out there as qualified as Roberts, but Alito (Yale Law) fits the bill, as does Harvie Wilkinson (Yale, UVA Law), and Reena Raggi (Wellesley, Harvard Law), who might get a more serious look this time. Raggi also has the advantage of being an original Reagan pick, which might make the right wing happy.

I think it very much reduces the probablity that Gonzalez (controversial AG) or Olsen (solicitor general but never a judge) will be picked. Larry Thompson, former assistant AG, remains in the running I think.
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