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Friday, October 21, 2005
Friday Presidential Odds Update
- Rice says she won't run. And she's pretty adamant. I believe her. Taking her down.
- Chuck Hagel, a Republican I don't totally hate, and who I believe has a very good chance to be the Republican nominee if McCain and Giuliani prove too liberal, is going to Iowa for the first time. I'll keep him at 7:1.

- More on the Gore story:

"In fact, the beauty for Gore is that, unlike a little-known governor or senator who needs to feed the idea that he may run for president, Gore has no interest in looking ambitious. The ideal situation may be for him to hang back for the next year and a half, let the field sort itself out and wait for Democrats to become bored with the pack of candidates trying to dethrone Hillary. That would allow him to enter the race with the moral and political authority of a reluctant draftee."

I think this is right. Moving him back up to 10:1.

- Bill Richardson is negotiating with North Korea, with Bush's permission. That definitely gives him an angle to play in the primary. I'll flip flop him with Kerry.
- I'm bumping Hill up a little from 5:2 to 2:1. She's firing on all cylinders right now, including raising way more money than anyone else (and she won't really need to spend too much of it in '06).
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