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Friday, November 11, 2005
I'm absolutely in favor of congestion pricing in NYC
The NYTimes writes about a potential Bloomberg administration plan to introduce congestion pricing into the heavily-trafficked areas of NYC, similar to something London has introduced (which I think I discussed on this blog awhile ago, but can't find).

It would cost about $7 to drive in midtown, thereby hopefully reducing congestion and pollution in tandem. Hybrids would be exempt. Not sure yet how they'd deal with taxis.

It's been very successful in London:
In London, where congestion pricing began in February 2003 after a year of planning, traffic has been reduced by a third and some bus lines are moving twice as fast. Officials are so satisfied that they intend to nearly double the size of the congestion-pricing zone in 2007. One thing seems certain: New York would not charge nearly as much as the $14 it takes to drive into London's financial district during the day.
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