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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
An Argument for Barack Obama in 2008
Normally I'd wait and publish this with my semi-regular Presidential Odds updates on Friday, but I think this merits its own post.

Ryan Lizza, of the centerish-left publication The New Republic, writes the following:

The well-known curse of the Senate is that it both elevates politicians to within striking distance of the White House and burdens them with the baggage of a complicated voting record and the stench of the Beltway.

This is why Barack Obama must run for president in 2008.

Many people agree with this sentiment. I love Obama... nobody states better the bedrock principals of progressivism/liberalism. I personally have argued, away from this blog, that we need to get Obama out of the Senate as soon as possible - either to the Illinois governorship or the Vice Presidency.

He would, no doubt, be a fantastic senator for many years. His oratorial skills are very Senatorial. About the only thing Obama lacks, in my opinion, is a little of the hard-headed executive mindset - the "what i think is right and we're going to do it" ability that an executive has/needs, and Senators don't.

One of the best arguments for an Obama 2008 campaign is that many Presidents are elected not too long after their political lives begin (think George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter - 6 years of experience each).

There's also a perception out there that Obama is younger than he is. Today he is 44 years old. In 2008 he will be 47, one year older than Bill Clinton was when he took the Presidency in 1992.

In light of this kind of coverage, and in consideration of the arguments, I'm going to bump Obama up in my Presidential Odds from 15:1 to 12:1, tied with John Kerry. If Obama was to actually give ANY signal that he was considering it, he would shoot up into the short odds area occupied only by Hillary at this point.
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