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Monday, November 28, 2005
Why I'll Never Vote for John McCain
... in a few words - it's because he's a Republican.

And as a Republican, he has to go and do things like help raise money for Sen. Rick Santorum.

That's the same Santorum who connected Boston 'liberalism' with a penchant for pedophilia and sexual abuse.

The same Santorum who, in his new book, argues that women should stay at home, and are 'selfish' if they work.

The Santorum who doesn't believe in birth control.

The Santorum that was among only a few senators that supported the Bush position on 100% of the votes in 2004.

The Santorum that has lobbied hard for a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

If Sen. McCain ever wants the vote of someone like me, he needs to renounce and leave the Republican party. Stop supporting policiticans unethically dragging the country to the right. Be in name and affiliation the independent you already are.
posted by CB @ 11:11 AM  
  • At 4:49 PM, Blogger Bryce said…

    "but i think if you truly believe in the (majority of the) tenets of one party's platform, even if you disagree with some (ie. i don't mind the patriot act, i'm open to exploring ANWR, etc.), then it is perfectly acceptable to push forward your chosen party's agenda in a 'full-force', all-in manner, because a party can give voice and structure and power to an idea that otherwise might not see the light, and because this government, for better or worse, has been set up in a way that fosters political parties. "

    -Colin Beirne on Bryce's Blog

    This is why McCain supports Santorum. Not because he believes in that christian right b.s., but because it is necessary for partisans to take unpalatable positions in return for the prospect of support at sometime in the future. Not that McCain would ever get Santorum's support on important issues like stem cell research and abortion rights...

  • At 5:00 PM, Blogger CB said…

    My point exactly. If McCain chooses to do partisan Republican things, then, as a partisan Democrat, I'll never support him.

    I argue that his party's actual implementation of government (if not its official platform) is rapidly moving away from him, therefore McCain should give up the partisan activities and forge a new path on his own.

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