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Monday, December 12, 2005
Mexico better at human rights than America
Fulfilling my civic duty as a potential juror today, which basically means sitting around (potentially for 3 days straight) surfing the web and reading A Million Little Pieces. It's awesome.

Anyway, today Mexico outlawed the death penalty, which is wonderful. They hadn't executed anyone in 40+ years, but still a great symoblic step.

Also makes me incredibly sad to think that the most prosperous country in the world lags a country so corrupt and seemingly screwed up as Mexico when it comes to human rights.

The death penalty will indeed someday be illegal in all developed and civilized parts of the world, and we will rightfully look back on it as barbaric... the lynching of our time. How long will it take before America sees what the rest of the world sees?

I'm hoping it's by 2010. I think there's a good chance.
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