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Thursday, February 16, 2006
Mike Bloomberg: Independent (or Democrat!) for President in 2008?
So speculates the NY Observer, saying that Bloomie's closest political aide is pushing for it, on a platform of nonpartisanship and competence. The article says he'd line up somewhere between a Hillary Clinton and a Giuliani. But that's a problem right there... I doubt Bloomberg would run against Giuliani, since he propelled Mike to City Hall.

Bloomberg has said briefly that he's not thinking of running, though he did write in his autobiography that the job interested him and that he thinks he'd be good.

He does have the $ to finance an independent run.

Anyway, this is all such wild speculation, but it's going to lead me to do something interesting: I'm inserting Mike Bloomberg into the Presidential Odds of BOTH PARTIES! He'll debut at 33:1 for the Democrats, and at 45:1 for the Republicans.
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