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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Joe Biden is In; Gore leaves the door open
The Presidential Contest is getting more and more press coverage.

Joe Biden said recently in South Carolina "My intention is to run". We basically already knew this. But in light of the absolute certainty - he's really the first democrat to declare - I'm upping Biden's odds from 20:1 to 15:1

Meanwhile, Al Gore, whose last statement on the subject left the door slightly open to a run, opened the door just a bit further, in my opinion, with this statement: "I'm not planning to be a candidate again. I haven't reached a stage in my life where I'm willing to say I will never consider something like this. But I'm not saying that to be coy; I'm just saying that to be honest that I haven't reached that point."

There are also more insiders talking up a Gore run in a favorable light (I'm not an insider, but I've been doing that for a year). Check out this feature story on The American Prospect.
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