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Thursday, April 27, 2006
George Allen and the Confederate Flag
This is not the news story that a Republican presidential candidate wants, especially when his party is trying to woo African American voters.

The New Republic's forthcoming cover-story, by Ryan Lizza, will reveal something new about Republican senator and potential GOP presidential candidate George Allen. His interest in the Confederate flag goes back much further than he has ever admitted. In fact, he is wearing a Confederate flag pin in his Palos Verdes, California high school yearbook. The piece will come online today, but no link yet.

Update:It gets worse:
many of Allen's high school classmates surprised that he's considering running for president because of the racist tendencies he displayed as a teenager. They say he "plastered the school with confederate flags" and drove a red Mustang with a confederate flag on the front.

Allen's response: "When I was in high school in California, I generally bucked authority and the rebel flag was just a way to express that attitude"
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