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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Potential Election 2006 Issue: Republican Phone-Jamming
(hat tip to my brother for pointing me to this)

The NYTimes yesterday featured an article on the mini scandal that occurred on Election Day 2004 when Republican operatives in New Hampshire paid a firm to jam the phone lines at 5 Democratic get-out-the-vote offices working in that state's Senate race (which was eventually won by the Repulican).

I remember hearing a bit about this in late 2004, but now it's about to get bigger as it turns out Tom DeLay's PAC, Jack Abramoff, and potentially Ken Mehlman (then White House political director, now Chairman of the GOP) were involved. Indeed, it's not good that the guys that orchestrated the crime (they have plead guilty) were found on the phone records of the White House at the time they were perpetrating it.

As the article discusses, the mainstream media has largely ignored this story (until now?). Will it get more press in the buildup to November's election? Let's hope so. Republicans in the last half century seem to think that corruption and crime go hand in hand with governing (remember Watergate?). Sounds like a campaign issue to highlight.
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