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Monday, April 10, 2006
Presidential Odds Update

- Chris Dodd says he's interested. He's the kind of guy who could surprise in popularity with voters, but he'll have a major problem getting the fundraising from big party supporters. He'd have to come up with some kind of creative grassroots campaign. I'll up his odds slightly, from 30:1 to 25:1.
- Bill Richardson got the best review from Frank Luntz's focus groups. Needs money though. For now I'll swap him with Evan Bayh, so Richardson goes to 10:1 and Bayh to 11:1.

- McCain is cozying up to Jerry Falwell, who McCain once called "an agent of intolerance". By election time, McCain better have been called out for abandoning everything people once liked about him, and selling out to the right wing of the GOP.
- Bill Frist is getting a TON of bad press lately. TIME magazine quoted a Republican, when asked how Frist did as majority leader, as saying "I heard he was a good physician". Ouch. He's lost so much credibility. I'm knocking him back from 12:1 to 18:1.
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