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Friday, August 11, 2006
Iraq has been ruined, but let's learn a lesson
The gradual descent of Iraq into civil war (and it's not a question of whether civil war will happen - it is happening now) has cemented the fact that our invasion ruined the country and the lives of millions of people. Most people, myself included, believe that our actions in Iraq were wrong. Not just executed poorly. But ill-conceived, immoral, and unwise.

Since we have no good options on how to correct the situation at this point, and the sad, horrifying, downward spiral will likely continue for years, at the very least we must learn from this. And what we should learn is that the so-called 'Bush Doctrine' of pre-emptive regime change and democracy-slinging cannot work in countries that are not ready for it, and especially cannot work when perceived as imposed upon them by outsiders who have, at very least, the perception of perverse motives (yes, I'm talking about oil here).
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