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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
The Palin Impact: Looking 4 Years Ahead
The reinvigoration of McCain's campaign following the unveiling of Sarah Palin makes me think this is a trend we'll see in the next few Presidential elections - the pick a VP nominee from nowhere, as long as she/he has a good story to tell.

Of course you can't get away with such a person actually running for the top job and winning. Voters as a group don't let that fly. See Howard Dean for close but no cigar.

But the VP nominee is different - you really only need 1 vote - that of the P candidate. And sometimes all it takes to get that vote is a little executive experience, and a good story.

So look out all you mayors, comptrollers, high school principals, hockey team coaches, and moms/dads. You could be next to be called upon to serve your country!
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