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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Is Palin the Jessica Simpson of Politics?
My theory on Jessica Simpson, when that reality show with her and Nick Lachey was on, was that she was a little (not a lot) smarter than portrayed, and definitely media savvy enough to realize that she was building her brand by playing the part and keeping the show on the air. The criticism of her as a ditz didn't really seem to bother her.

I now think Sarah Palin is a little (not a lot) smarter than portrayed, and while sufficiently underqualified for VP that she probably should have turned the job down, I think she's politically savvy enough to realize that her political brand (amongst Republicans) will be greatly enhanced by the 10 or so weeks she spent in the middle of the public eye, even despite all the criticism she's getting. And that a John McCain loss may actually be BETTER for her than a win.

She seemed to confirm this on Limbaugh yesterday: “I’ve got nothing to lose in this,” Ms. Palin said. “And I think America has everything to gain by understanding the differences, the contrasts here between Obama and McCain.”

She's totally pulling a Jessica Simpson on us. And it's working.
posted by CB @ 12:03 PM  
  • At 7:46 PM, Blogger J said…

    "that show?" come on, don't lie. you know its name.

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