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Friday, October 29, 2004
Smart man
Here's something I read on a blog that Warren Buffet said is a good way to think about politics and your opinions:
If you want to have an honest discussion with yourself about how the world should work, you should consider the following scenario. What if you were given the opportunity to set up the world to work any way you want. You can change taxes, trade policies, the health insurance system, whatever. The only catch is that you then have to participate in the ovarian lottery, and randomly draw a ticket that specifies your parents, country, wealth, intelligence, beauty, etc. Wouldn't you want a system that was good to you not just in the unlikely event that you are an intelligent, well-off American, but also if you are a poor, unintelligent resident of a 3rd world country? After all, you only have a small chance of becoming an American...

If only we thought this way more in this country. Republicans and their tax cuts - it always strikes me as selfish. It's not about you! Government is not there to help you - you're doing just fine. It's there to help the people that NEED it, that have been disadvantaged for whatever reason, and that can't make it without assistance. Stop thinking about yourself and do what is right for a change.
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