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Thursday, October 21, 2004
Who are the insurgents?
You know the thing about all these insurgents we brag about killing? The ones we're getting are largely regular Iraqi citizens that are either growing more pissed off over our mismanagement of the country, or are forced to fight by terrorists who kidnap or threaten to torture their families. They don't hate America so much as they just think we have no business being there - and they're right. The ones we should be getting are largely just orchestrating the operation and handing over the RPGs. No wonder "the insurgency has shown clear ability to regenerate itself after losses" (TIME). We're not making progress, because we simply didn't execute the war right (If I were Bush, I would have said that slowly while banging my hand against the podium). Bush fucked it up. The whole world knows that. To give him the support of re-election will doom American credibility in the world. Maybe John Kerry hasn't proved he can do Iraq better, but just electing him will show the world that we undestand the need to change, that Bush's messianic vision is not ours.

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