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Friday, November 19, 2004
This is what we get
I probably should have ignored all news yesterday when I had the chance. Instead I find out that Bush wants to get rid of taxes on savings and investment, and scrap tax incentives for employers to provide health insurance.

This President is reckless.
1) getting rid of taxes on investments rewards wealth, not work. John Edwards talked about this in the primaries. The lower and middle class works hard to make ends meet, and gets taxed, and can hardly ever save anything. Meanwhile, the upper class, though taxed more, can save a lot, and just get richer as that savings grows tax-free. Again, it says to us: once you're rich you're all set. Good luck trying to get there. Bush says it promotes growth? The only thing it promotes growth of is rich people's fun money. Corporate tax breaks and incentives encourage businesses to grow, which increases GDP, creates jobs, etc. John Kerry's plan was to reduce corporate taxes by 5% across the board.

2) taking away incentives for employers to provide health insurance? John Kerry's plan was to do the exact opposite. Why would we want fewer people to get health insurance from their employers?

This is frickin ridiculous stuff and I just can't believe it.
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