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Thursday, January 06, 2005
Boxer to Challenge!
Wow, this is big news. The F9/11 scene will indeed NOT be repeated this year... Boxer has signed the challenge to the election certification. I believe it happens at 1pm today... if you're near CSPAN, watch... this will be historic (2nd time in 130 years).

What it means: the House and Senate will each have to debate the election results for 2 hours. Nothing will change, Bush will still be president, but if we create enough noise and this event gets press, hopefully Senators will realize that voter disenfranchisement and partisan administration of elections are serious problems that we demand be dealt with before the next election.

Here's the AP story.
posted by CB @ 10:48 AM  
  • At 5:12 PM, Blogger Dan J said…

    I'm not really sure how this 2 hour debate will change anything. It seems like it will be an official, government-run episode of cross-fire. No one is actually trying to accomplish anything tangible beyond publicity. Even lefty bloggers admit that it will not change anything in the actual election results.

    This is a shot in the dark at best. The Dems want publicity for the election violations, but they've already got it.

    If the Dems, and others, want reform, then Congressmen shooting off 5 minute soundbites for 2 hours won't accomplish anything. Are politicians scared off by the prospect of another 2 hour debate in 4 years? I doubt it. These guys love talking and getting on tv, and relished the chances they got today to say something. Speaking opportunities don't have any deterrence value.

    You want changes, make them. Forget Charlie Rose and his viewers that have already read all about it, go on Letterman and tell Joe Six Pack and most of my friends that the system is corrupt. Introduce legislation, sick the media on the perpetrators, make the problem accessible and tackle the problem. Don't invoke an archaic rule that meant something when people only had to impress a fraction of the population to get something changed. Soundbites on CSPAN are not going to change anything.

    Now maybe this is a cynical - or just a plain stupid - way to look at this process. I know that the rationale for the discussion is that this will shed light on problems and problems will get fixed. I just think the media and local government has already illuminated the problems and nothing is fixed. Whatever the motivations for the discussion and regardless of the fact that it's been over a hundred years since this process was invoked, I think that the whole thing comes off as ineffective and soapbox rhetoric.

    Stop telling me there's something wrong and do something effective.

  • At 5:20 PM, Blogger CB said…


    You competently lay out the arguments. I just take the other side. I think, precisely because this is a momentous thing that rarely happens, that it will increase coverage of the issue and encourage Republicans to take up the issue. Because that's really what's at stake. Democrats can't introduce legislation, because it will never make it to the floor in a totally Republican-controlled DC. The only way they can make it an issue is to stir people up on the issue, which hopefully is somewhat accomplished today. Remains to be seen.

    I'd also like to point out that, after listening to speakers in both the House and Senate on CSPAN today, that the motivation for the publicity is clearly NOT to diminish the mandate of Bush, or to hope to change Ohio, but to convince the Republicans that fairness is important.

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