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Friday, February 04, 2005
Call the White House
Was just watching CSPAN coverage (fun Friday night!) of Bush's social security roadtrip visit to Tampa, FL. The main thing that pisses me off is this: he keeps getting planted 20-somethings to step up to the mic and tell him how they don't believe they'll get any benefits from the current system when they retire in 30 or so years. Bush says that's the main difference - his generation trusted that it would be there but mine does not. BULLSHIT. I'm 26 and I DEMAND that the Social Security system be rectified so that I get adequate benefits. That's what government is for. It's THEIR responsbility to fix programs that need fixing. Not to effectively abolish their purpose.

Call the White House and tell Bush you believe in FDR's system: 202-456-1111
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