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Monday, February 28, 2005
LA Times says Bono should lead the World Bank
Longtime readers (not sure if September counts as a long time ago) will remember that I'm equally enthusiastic about U2 as I am about progressive politics. Thanks to an editorial in today's LA Times, I'm able to write a post about both.

The Times is recommending that Bono be appointed the next president of the World Bank.

While that would likely mean no concerts for awhile after this summer, I'm still in favor. As the piece notes, Bono has perfected the art of framing this issue so that it's nearly impossible to ignore. His emphasis on the ability of America to improve its "brand" by committing itself to world poverty relief should strike any politician interested in leaving his mark on the world as compelling.

His efforts have been phenomenal for awhile, and I've often linked on this site to and Bono's nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but what he'd really like is a legitimate platform to encourage people to start listening. Perhaps the LA Times has got the right idea.
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