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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Social Security and Medicare
Today the Social Security Trustees released their annual report, in which they said the insolvency date (when the trust fund runs out) for Social Security is currently projected to be 2041, one year earlier than in their last report.

They also said that insolvency is projected for Medicare in 2020. Even more telling is that Republicans keep talking about 2018 - the year Social Security benefits start to exceed the amount collected in taxes. Well for Medicare, that moment came last year!

Doesn't this make it unmistakeably clear that Bush & co. are not pursuing this Social Security reform to actually solve financial problems? Because if they were, they clearly would want to tackle Medicare first and foremost, which really is in a crisis. It seems to me undeniable that Republicans have a hidden agenda, that it really is true what Democrats say - that Republicans are aiming not to fix Social Security but to put it on the road to extinction once and for all, rolling back an entitlement they vehemently hate.

My hope is that mainstream media reporting on this today pick up on this incongruity. I'll be updating what I find:
Yahoo doesn't note the Medicare issue until the 6th paragraph
NYTimes via AP mentions it in 2nd sentence
Washington Post wins the prize for putting it in the headline.
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