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Monday, April 04, 2005
Monday Prez Odds Update
Because I haven't done one in two weeks, here's the latest update on the 2008 Presidential Odds, always found in the column at the right of this page.

- Some movement on the Cheney front. I still take this guy at face value that he's not going to run, therefore I'm not updating his odds.
- Giuliani did Leno and has been smiling a lot lately. I'm going to move him up to 11:2 from 6:1, but I still think he has problems winning over the religous right.
- Brownback is apparently thinking about it, probably in light of the influence Christians are having over the party these days. I'm keeping him at 15:1.

- Feingold has been out financing and meeting people. I'm going to up him a little to 13:2 from 7:1.
- Haven't heard much of Bill Richardson lately. Might knock him down on Friday.
- Bill Bradley wrote an editorial, but I still don't think he wants back in. Keeping him at a somewhat optimistic (because I like him) 25:1.
- I met Senator Bingamon's son John at a Hillary Clinton even two weeks ago - really nice, very unassuming guy, but I don't think that qualifies his father any more for the presidency. Keeping Sen. Bingamon at 45:1.
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