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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Even Conservatives don't like the Bush "plan"
When I'm away from my usual routine, I mostly only have enough time for Yahoo news. Suffice it to say I am very happy to see that not only are the Democrats still holding tough on Social Security, but conservative experts and economists are starting to speak out about the inherent problems too.

It seems to me that when history writes this story, it won't just be that Bush overestimated the "mandate" that comes from a 51-48 victory during a war, but that his plan was actually a bad one, and brought out some of the true colors of Republicans, namely that what they really care about is the free market as an end in itself, rather than honestly believing that it provides the best result.

As I read recently, I think in TNR, if God spoke to Americans and said that Republicans are right - that free markets really do allocate best and people benefit most from them - Democrats would likely accept it and shut up. If it were the reverse, that God said free markets sometimes fail and government needs to protect fairness - Republicans would likely argue that there is still virtue in free markets regardless of what God said.
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