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Friday, June 17, 2005
Giffor Miller's education plan
NYC mayoral candidate Gifford Miller unveiled his education plan in a speech yesterday. Its proposals are as follows:
  • Reduce class size by 20% (no more than 17 in K-3, 20 in 4-5, and 23 in middle school)
  • Attracting/keeping good teachers by giving them more creative freedom and paying more for better performance; easing the process to get rid of bad teachers
  • Initiating a community service requirement in high schools
  • Provide after-school opportunities for every child
  • Increase access to successful technology programs

It's a sensible plan, and he's even laid out how he plan to finance it - through the postponement of the expiration on a personal income tax on the highest-income New Yorkers.

Once again, Gifford has proven to me that he's the right guy to lead New York City. We need a Democrat to represent on of the bluest parts of the country, and we need one with good plans and a proven success record.

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