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Thursday, June 09, 2005
Updating Supreme Court Odds
Additions/updates in green

Nomination to the Court:
Ted Olson - former Solicitor General. 4:1
Larry Thompson - former Deputy Attorney General. 6:1
Edward Prado - 5th circuit judge. 6:1
Emilio Miller Garza - 5th circuit judge. 7:1
Michael McConnell - 10th circuit judge. 9:1
Alberto Gonzales - U.S. Attorney General, former justice of Texas Supreme Court. 10:1
J. Michael Luttig - 4th circuit judge from Texas. 11:1
Samuel Alito Jr. - 3rd circuit judge. 13:1
Edith Jones - 5th circuit judge. 14:1
J. Harvie Wilkinson - 4th circuit judge. 16:1
John Cornyn - Sen TX. 20:1

Nomination as Chief Justice:
Antonin Scalia. 3:1
Ted Olson. 5:1
Larry Thompson. 7:1
Edward Prado - 5th circuit judge. 8:1
Clarence Thomas. 10:1
Emilio Miller Garza - 5th circuit judge. 10:1
Sandra Day O'Connor. 11:1
Alberto Gonzales. 13:1
Michael McConnell. 14:1
Anthony Kennedy. 25:1
posted by CB @ 10:43 AM  
  • At 5:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What prompted your addition of Prado? I googled him briefly and didn't actually mind some of the things I found — he ruled against mandatory minimum sentences, and while he ruled that standardized testing was a necessity, he seemed to recognize the opposing arguments (how it disparately affected minority students in Texas who couldn't get their diplomas without passing the test, etc).

  • At 5:53 PM, Blogger CB said…

    He's got a bunch of things going for him that I've recently become aware of, one of which is that, as you note, he seems to author incredibly thoughtful and sensible decisions that people on both sides can agree with.

    Also, he's Hispanic, and Bush has been said to be itching to name the SC's first Hispanic justice.

    Bush nominated him for the Circuit Court, so he clearly think's he's qualified, and he was approved 97-0 by the Senate.

    Bush may think he will get more than one nominee, so might want to put someone easy like this up first, and then go to battle for a Scalia clone later.

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