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Monday, June 06, 2005
Petitioning week in NYC
Tomorrow marks the start of the frenzied petitioning period here in New York City, which means you will be accosted at subway entrances in the name of a functioning democracy. It's a great time to figure out who you support and why, and offer just your signature or perhaps your help - if you're good at accosting.

One interesting point is that, unlike say last spring's presidential primary, I believe you cannot sign the petition of more than one person per office. So, for example, if you sign Mike Bloomberg's petition, Gifford Miller can't sign you up (I believe someone actually checks lists against one another and compares dates of signature). So be careful not to just sign anything put in front of you.

The Jaker's endorsements:
- Gifford Miller for mayor.
- Gur Tsabar for City Council - 3rd district (Murray Hill & East Village)
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