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Friday, July 01, 2005
Who will replace O'Connor
Here are my odds for Sandra Day O'Connor's replacement. Some notes:
- The fact that O'Connor not Rehnquist is the retiree puts pressure on Bush to nominate someone groundbreaking... ie. not replacing a woman with a white man. Therefore I think the female and Hispanic candidates move up the list.
- Alberto Gonzales will not be nominated. Republicans have been up in arms and are worried that he could turn into a Souter-like liberal after a few years.

Nomination to the Court:
Emilio Miller Garza - 5th circuit judge. 6:1
Edith Jones - 5th circuit judge. 6:1
Samuel Alito Jr. - 3rd circuit judge. 7:1
Edith Clement. 7:1.
John Roberts - DC Court of Appeals. 7:1
J. Michael Luttig - 4th circuit judge from Texas. 7:1
Edward Prado - 5th circuit judge. 8:1
J. Harvie Wilkinson - 4th circuit judge. 9:1
Ted Olson - former Solicitor General. 10:1
Larry Thompson - former Deputy Attorney General. 11:1
Michael McConnell - 10th circuit judge. 12:1
Janice Rogers Brown - 16:1.
William Pryor. 18:1
Alberto Gonzales - U.S. Attorney General. 20:1
John Cornyn - Sen TX. 20:1
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