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Monday, June 27, 2005
Big day at the Supreme Court
Today should bring the following at the Supreme Court:

  • A decision on whether the Ten Commandments can hang in courtrooms and government buildings. I expect them to somewhat buck the trend of recent terms and actually allow this to continue, in a ruling that will delight Christian Conservatives. I think you'll get the traditional conservative block of Rehnquist, Scalia, Thomas and Kennedy joined by O'Connor on this one, with Stephens issuing a scathing dissent on the continuing evaporation of church/state separation since 2000. UPDATE: I was half right, half wrong. There Court split the 2 cases. They ruled 5-4 that the display in a Kentucky courthouse was unconstitutional, but allowed, in a splintered vote, the display at the Austin, TX state capitol.
  • An announcement on whether the Court will allow an appeal from two journalists who were ordered to serve jailtime for refusing to divulge the identity of a confidential source. As we saw with Deep Throat, confidentiality of sources is imperative if we are to root out injustice and corruption in government. I hope the Supreme Court will hear this one and will reverse the decision. UPDATE: The Court ruled against the reporters. They said the Constitution does not recognize a reporter's privelege of confidentiality.
  • And, of course, today should be the day when Rehnquist announces he is retiring, if indeed he is going to do so. Since 2000 I've also held my breath this day every year in fear that Justice Stevens, the Court's most liberal member, will retire as well. He's 85. I'd love to be able to limit Bush to one nominee before 2008. UPDATE: No announcement in the public session, but this can be expected. The announcement might come at the conclusion of the private session that the justices are having right now.
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