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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Join ONE
It's possible - I'm not making any predictions - but it's possible that some day your kids and grandkids will ask where you were in 2005 during Live 8, when the world boldly committed to ending severe poverty starting in Africa. So, just in case, don't be left out.

Sign the ONE letter to President Bush, granting him the permission he needs in this time of fiscal strain to be generous to Africa: And join the email list. If you're near Philadelphia, go to the concert on July 2nd.

The Live 8 campaign is aimed at getting the world's collective support behind a great ideal - that the leaders of the G8, meeting in Scotland on July 6, will commit to a new level of targeted aid to Africa to end poverty. And not just throwing $ at the problem and being proud of themselves, but using the amazing resources of NGOs that have collected on that continent to really attack the problems that poverty creates - lack of healthcare, education, infrastructure.

This is an historic time. Most of the G8 leaders (Bush, Blair, Chirac, Shroeder, etc.) are in their final terms and are searching for a legacy. WE MUST GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO COMMIT TO A BOLD NEW PLAN. Bush, especially, needs our backing to take this step:

On a related topic, I'm looking for someone good at web design to help me with a project related to African aid. If you can help, email me.
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