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Thursday, September 15, 2005
How Supreme will thee Court be?
A couple of musings on the Supreme Court.

First, John Roberts. Howard Dean sent out an email today saying "wrong man at the wrong time" for the country. Most of you know that I was a Dean fan in '03 and '04, and remain one today. He's doing exactly what the party chair should be doing. But don't you feel sorry for him, since this nominee is sailing through? I wonder if he really thinks Roberts should be opposed, or if he's just being a good party animal and doing it because he's supposed to. Frankly, there are so few Democrats who can bring themselves to criticize this guy, Dean's pleas ring hollow. I hope this doesn't reinforce the image some have of Democrats as opposing just for the sake of opposing.

And, as I've said before, I can't bring myself to oppose Roberts. He's now on record as supporting affirmative action. He's said Roe is settled and somewhat acknowledged that it would be a bad idea to reverse it. Assuming he's being honest, isn't this exactly the kind of conservative judge Democrats should want? He's not a Scalia / Thomas idealogue. Rather, he's more like a Kennedy, who I can actually stomach most of the time. If in 10-15 years we have a few of him, and a bunch of solid liberals, I don't mind that court.

Update (9/16): I suppose I should be worried that he's playing us for a fool.

Secondly, where's all the talk or speculation about the second Supreme Court nominee? Considering all the vetting they did a few months ago, surely they have a second choice that just missed out (I think it's Edith Clement). Perhaps they'll roll out her name (or whoever it is) after the Senate approves Roberts, which will presumably be the week after next.
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