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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
In a functioning economy, government doesn't need to create jobs through pork
Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich's op/ed in Saturday's NYTimes is worth a read. It's about the economy's reliance on pork (in the recent transportation bill) to "create" or "save" jobs that a self-sustaining economy should not need help with.

Why can't the economy self-sustain, keeping people working and protecting the middle class? Because corporate profits are valued over everything else by Republicans and specifically this administration. Wealthy and connected investors are demanding dividends and capital gains, especially with new favorable tax treatment, which leads CEOs to do everything they can to maximize earnings, including lowering costs, which has kept pay stagnant for many years and left millions without healthcare (see Wal-Mart).

No wonder the disparity between rich and poor is getting worse. When will it become common knowledge that Reagan/Bush-omics doesn't work?
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